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Thursday, 17 February 2011


Today we started planning our website. Me and charlie together brain-stormed ideas that we have a passion for.  We came to the conclusion that we want to base our charity on dogs. In particular the rehoming of the dogs. We choose this because it is a very current issue and is around us everyday. 

RSPCA- The rspca are devoted to the rehoming of all animals.

Dog Trust- They devote all their time just to dogs and rehoming them.

Dogsos- They devote all their time to the rescuing of dogs in particular.

All these web sites show a love for dogs and ensuring they go to the right home.  Each site has many pictures of the animals in question so try and persuade the customers to adopt. It gives lots of opportunities on the web site to adopt a dog as well.

We have decided to call our charity paw paws. This is a play on words related to dogs. 

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