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Friday, 28 January 2011

Research on 4 websites

Today we researched other school websites.

Xavier High School -

Xavier High School is a private school located in New York.  The website is a pretty basic website with the main attraction in the centre of the website. Links across the top of the page take you to the different sections of the website. Below that there a photos that are on a loop of the students and the school. There is a small information box below that too, and on the side there is the recent news headlines.
Although this website is very basic it presents very well.

The Browning School-

The Browning is another private school whose website is much more detailed and professional. A large red banner across the top of the website attracts the user to that section. Several links are below that which are used to go to the different sections of the website. There is a photo loop below the links which has a continuos loop of photos of the school and its students. This website is much better than the first as it looks a lot more presentable.

Southbank International School-

The Southbank International school is a private school for international students. The school website is quite eye catching. A picture of big ben in the background and a light blue colour over that covers the whole screen. There are two small circles that contain pictures, which are constantly changing, of the international students. The slogan 'A school without walls' shows that the school is open to anyone and wont turn them down.  On the left hand side there is a small section of information about the school, with  some info about the upcoming events within the school.

St. Olaves School-

St. Olaves is a School in the London Borough of Bromley . The website doesn't seem to be very eye catching or appealing. With a gray, black and white background a slideshow plays in the middle of the website with pictures and quotes. Along the top of the page there are a load of different logos of companies that have been recognised by the school. There a few links that take you to the other sections of the website. Below that is the news, calendar and notices about the school.

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